3D led night light for children

After the baby was born, I was faced with a small problem on which earlier somehow did not think — in prepared the nursery was not 3D night light.

Son woke up in the night to turn on the light is a bad choice, had to flash a flashlight on the phone, which is not very convenient. Ordered the light on aliexpress and I regret not having done it during pregnancy. As the room has no wall lamps or table lamps, the purchase was from the category of must-have.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality and effectiveness of
  3. Power & battery
  4. Casing and reliability
  5. Conclusion

Where to buy

From the seller Delicore on Aliexpress here was a very large selection of lamps of different colors, sizes and shapes, I chose the figure of a hare in white color. The price at the time of purchase was 540 rubles, free shipping service ePacket.

The seller promised that the parcel will arrive to me during the period from 14 to 23 days, I got mail notice exactly two weeks after payment, this is a very nice and fast deadline for ordering with aliexpress. Now the price of my model of light is 640 rubles from this seller.

The quality and effectiveness of

Night light Delicore in the form of a rabbit came in standard black plastic bag, was Packed in a thick cardboard box and additionally secured pupyrchatoy film. Dimensions are: height 24 cm, width 20 cm, thickness of about 3 inches. With the measurements the seller is different on non-critical 5 millimeters.

The lamp is quite small and compact, but big is not one of them.

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By the way, if You have a small child, it is still highly desirable to have a non-contact infrared thermometerto measure the temperature of the baby even when he is sleeping or actively moving. And it is especially necessary, just «must have» is an electronic precision hygrothermograph and a humidifier in the bedroom of any, even the cheapest.

Power & battery

Powered by two AA-batteries (type AA), in the kit they were not, the seller specifies in the product description. I have inserted the most common, cheap batteries and have never changed them, although include a nightlight in the amount of not less than one hour every night, and several times was such that he stayed on for too long. My husband says that it’s because of the LEDs, they are much economical.

Casing and reliability

The housing is plastic, smooth, without sharp corners and Gershwin. No backlash, all done very carefully . The battery compartment tightly closed. In the eleven night light led light bulb with soft yellow light, not cutting the eye.

All the bulbs are securely hidden inside under the plastic balls. The child is sometimes asked, giving him something to hold, without fear that something will break is to break there is simply nothing.

Night light can be put on any flat surface, it rests or falls.

It can also be hung on the wall on nails, this back has the holes, but here there is not really a thoughtful point — the power button is on the back cover and if the lamp will hang on the wall, then turn it will not work — will have to be removed every time. This is inconvenient, so I just put it on the dresser near the crib.

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Overall happy with the purchase, this is a very cute and necessary thing. On aliexpress there are a large variety of lamps of more complex models, with switchable modes, a larger size, but I needed a very simple and not too bright, so I chose the Bunny meets all my needs and looks great in the interior of the nursery.

Again, bought here on Ali.