3D laser projector Alien

My husband and I often make purchases online. In our stores lighting equipment is two, and even three times more expensive. After reviewing a huge range of music, we came across a laser projector Alien RDM-RGB400 on Aliexpress here.


Product costs 7,800 rubles. We are in the store are from 15,000. Interested, and we paid for the order. When you choose shipping, there was only one option IML Express. In fact the delivery was 15 days, promised from 5 to 10 days, but knowing our mail, 5 days is not critical, even pleased.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Rays
  3. Management



Finally came the long-awaited box. Item Packed well, in a way not wrinkled. The delivery was tracked for the entire time. Inside extra soft seals, so the projector isn’t rolled on the box. Includes remote control, power supply, projector. Box weight 1 kg, the product is convenient and mobile.


Neither of which is difficult to manage the projector there. The entire interface is in English, but for people to understand in the light-easy to handle. It is already programmed drawings, cannot be edited. Of course you can put in another program, but the seller is not recommended.



The rays are very bright, so look closely in the projector is not recommended, it will damage the eyes. Projector Alien RDM-RGB400 equipped with a cooling system. Fan seen on the side panel. When you enable the first time is quite noisy, then the sound disappears.



On the rear of the projector is the control panel.

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  • There is a DMX input for control from a DMX DMX console;
  • Control panel programs. Modes: Music, DMX, the program;
  • The sensitivity Adjuster;
  • Button enable / disable;
  • The front is an indicator (green light) and mirrors for the projection of drawings.


Projector Alien RDM-RGB400 powerful. Having experienced it , the rays reach the end of the street. Even in good light, in the daytime, well illustrated drawings. And when using smoke machines we see all the rays, drawings.

The drawings are diverse, though not such as on an expensive projector for 30,000, but for this price worthy. Butterfly, mountain, spiral, and more creates a feeling of travel. Looks nice, and most importantly inexpensive. Also, can you advise multicolored led strip for lighting and garland in the form of a waterfall.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here, on the official website of the manufacturer.