3D ball puzzle-labyrinth

I saw a friend a fun subject: a small 3D ball puzzle maze.

As it turned out, is to buy from Aliexpress. Found a product on the website quickly, there is much to choose in size from 10 cm to 30 cm, the shape — sphere, ellipse, according to the difficulty level — from 100 to 299 steps. Decided to start with the most simple. The order arrived in Sochi for 3 weeks, shipping was free to the Russian Federation via China post registered air mail.

The cost — of 6.4 per dollar. Box was badly dented, but the appearance of the toy is not affected. Bought on Ali here.

What do I get? It is a circle with a diameter of 12 cm made of transparent plastic, very light, suitable for brush adults and children. Inside the sphere is a 3D labyrinth made from one hundred carefully crafted barriers.

To complete the puzzle, should the metal ball guide from one label to another in strict sequence. For this it is necessary to change the position in space, trying out different angles.

That seems easy, in practice is quite difficult. There are two or three places I can almost never overcome.

The slight distortion of angle, an error of 1 mm, and again we have to start all over again. Take the toy for five minutes and wonder that instantly flew one hour.

Suggest not to buy more elaborate models until you learn to take the simplest. I have each family member periodically you can catch with this wonderful purchase in hand. Again, ordered on this page on Aliexpress.

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For younger children I would recommend another maze with a ball, more like a toy for kids.