12% cashback on Aliexpress if payment is made by Tinkoff: pros and cons

The contents

  1. Pros
  2. Cons
  3. Where are the 12% ?
  4. 57% on your first purchase
  5. Whether or not to trust?
  6. Who does not give
  7. How to make and use
  8. How to buy
  9. Debit card
  10. Conclusion

It is human nature to save. I especially want to maximize savings when shopping on the Internet, because their savings earn is also not easy. Therefore, this proposal will be interesting for all buyers in Aliexpress and other Chinese sites.

A well-known Bank Tinkoff and cashback service EPN conduct ongoing joint action, using which you can save for life on ALL purchases in Aliexpress to the max!

As you 12% DC cashback? But that’s not all…

So, let us look at the pros and cons of using the Bank card for purchases in China…


  • Free account opening, card issuance and sending by post;
  • 57% discount for the first purchase on the card (but not more than 5000 rubles) ;
  • 12% cashback on all other purchases on the card without any limitations for life;
  • 500 rubles to the account upon the card issue as a gift when registering on the special page.

Everything is so beneficial that it seems unbelievable. Of course, there are disadvantages.


  • Credit ;
  • Pay annual maintenance ;

In fact, one big minus: card Bank Tinkoff is «credit card». In other words, paying it, you automatically take out a loan. I’m not a supporter of loans at interest, and never loans, so initially I thought this offer another «zamanuha» and I wasn’t paying attention to him. But then figured out some details in the contract, through which you can find a «loophole» and be positive always.

This is an interest-free grace period. The fact that the original card holder as it takes «on loan» from the Bank. This period lasts 55 days and it is not removed, no Commission and no interest is accrued. Enough to return the money spent for 55 days and do not have to pay. Just below I explain in this case the benefit to the Bank.

I personally prefer after a credit card of Tinkoff, the next day to go and repay. So I definitely will not forget and will not pay in the end.

Paid annual maintenance for maintaining the account is 990 rubles. So what to do… In the end, the ordinary jurisdiction of the debit account in most banks is more expensive, if the card is not a salary.

Where are the 12% ?

Here is the interesting point: why such a high percentage?

Everything here is extremely simple. The Bank has a cashback of 5 percent, plus the service, EPN gives its standard 7%: 5+7 = 12%.

Even if you will not use any cashback sites, the Bank automatically credits back to the account your Piglet percent when you order on Ali. But it’s better to use «in conjunction» both is the smartest approach. For this you need to register and make a card with this special page.

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Additionally, when ordering from this page, you will receive an additional 500 rubles on their first purchase as a gift.

57% on your first purchase

But it is very interesting for those who have been waiting to buy something expensive, but were waiting for a discount or price reduction. Now you can get up to 57% with this purchase.

Here’s an example: let’s say you wanted to buy a smartphone or tablet for 10,000 rubles. Make a card with a special page and you will get back with the purchase of 5,000 rubles to the account. Why 5000, 5700 and not RUB? The fact that there is a limit on the maximum cash back and it is 5 thousand rubles. So to make a big wholesale order for half price will not work! Well, something you can buy.

Why 57 percent?

And here is using the same math as above: 50% gives the Bank itself, and 7% EPN: 50+7 = 57 !

Whether or not to trust?

If the Bank Tinkoff everything is clear and many people know it, yet few people know about cashback service EPN. What is this site and what is its credibility?

Unlike most other cabeceros, EPN is a set of online services, including such serious as online payment system, issuing their VISA debit cards.

I work with them for over 3 years, almost since it opened and never had a problem. And since I buy a lot not only for yourself but also for your small business payments I have a very decent. It to EPN I have maximum credibility among others.

How about the Bank, how does he benefit?

Virtual Tinkoff Bank makes only loans naseleniu. That is why they approve and open a credit account remotely almost all.

A couple of years ago in an interview with Oleg Tinkov said that every year it becomes harder and harder to make loans.

First, becoming more profitable stakes from the classic «offline» banks; second, more and more people receive their wages on so-called «payroll cards,» which can also very advantageous to arrange the loan and then the monthly payments are simply deducted automatically from wages. Thirdly, more and more people prefer to save money for major purchases, rather than borrow.

That is why creditor banks are forced to make their terms more attractive and profitable in different directions. For example, the interest-free period is given and is valid, but you should always read the terms of the contract fully.

The fact is that if the borrower delays the payment for at least one day and make money on the 55th and 56th day, the interest will be considered from the date of the debit (ordering of goods) and not from the date of expiry of the grace period. Here’s a little trick that allows bankers to immediately driven into debt by almost two months, quite legally, under the agreement, which most people don’t read. Well, what to do, the bankers also need to live .

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Once again: read the contract carefully, everything is written. Sometimes it happens that they say in advertising about the interest-free period, and in particular contract it is not. Advertising is not a part of the contract and any legal force in this case has not. If not found in the contract this punky, call the hotline of the Bank and ask to have it.

Who does not give

And yet the score is not open to all. If you enter the number, you can ask to make your relative or friend. After pay on Aliexpress it is possible with any card, even if the data recipient of the order and map data do not match. I bought gifts for the holidays to their relatives living far away need to pay with your card and receive the order at all other name and address.

In any case, even without a map Tinkov you can return at least 7% of sales so. And do not give the card to the following persons:

  • Minors ;
  • Persons without a residence permit ;
  • Well, having very bad credit history.

Note: for a small credit limit, you do not need the confirmation of an official salary or any other income.

How to make and use

Everything here is extremely simple. Go to this link for a special page, and then make doing two simple steps:

  • Are registered in the EPN service. This is a cashback service that allows to save on purchases in Aliexpress and other online stores. If you already have an account, then register again ;
  • Apply for the card of Tinkoff to fill in the questionnaire ;

This can be done by two buttons on the page:

To register EPNcashback only need to specify e-mail (email address) and password, even for a complete beginner.

The card Aliexpress Tinkoff need to pass 4 steps, specifying the following information: name, phone number, e-mail, address of residence, address of actual residence (if not same as address of residence) and some other data.

You will need to enter at least one landline phone. This can be your room, or your friend, acquaintance or relative.

You will be asked the loan amount you want to. If you plan only for purchases on Ali, you can specify the amount lower so it’s much more likely to get the approval of the request.

In any case, recall that even without a card you can get cashback at least 7%.

After receiving the plastic on ordinary mail or registered mail, you need to activate the account. For this you need to call the number on the letter and to write the secret code. In General, there is everything described in the letter, and the procedure takes no more than 5-10 minutes. It can be done online.

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How to buy

First you need to log in to your account Cashback EPN, which was recorded earlier. There’s just one button on Aliexpress to the list of stores and go to him. Further, as usual: choose products, put them immediately or proceed to payment:

So you will be guaranteed the first part of the return — at least 7% (on some items up to 18%).

Or you can install a plugin in your browser, you can download it also from the account:

When proceed to payment, click «Payment card» (usually the default) and enter the desired data. Then it can be bind to account, so as not to enter every time:

As you can see, everything is as usual and nothing new.

It is worth to note that the 12% return is as follows:

  • 5% on account of the Bank ;
  • 7% on account with EPN. This money then can be withdrawn in any convenient way, which is really a lot!

Cashback is not charged in case of refund payment order. For example, when you create a dispute and want a refund for the purchase by the seller or refusal of an order before sending it, which allowed Ali.

Debit card

As I wrote above, the only income of the Bank is lending to individuals, Respectively, how many would not ask on the Internet about debit card from this Bank they are not and can not be, it is an axiom.

At the same time, remembering about grace period, credit plastic can be used as a debit, but the money to be paid after purchase and not before such. And not to forget to do it for 55 days.

What else…

  • Card get cashback at least 1% on everything shop online at any stores;
  • They have a nice online Bank account where you can see all the action. You can install a special app in smartphone;
  • When you pay for the flights not only receive a part refund, but also earn miles for different airlines.


So you can easily save on your purchases.

To use the grace period and never pay a cent extra for a loan, but only to benefit or take credit for major purchases and then gradually to pay small monthly payments — decide.

I do not like loans and never take. On the other hand, I know many people that take on credit cars, household appliances, and tablets with laptops. It is easier to pay gradually, and to receive a treasured thing want now.

Important — read the contract before activation of the card and prior to the use of credit products. Weigh all the pros and cons of the proposal and do not make hasty purchases on the Internet!

Good luck and good mood!

P. S. to map and register EPN can here.